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  • Big diameter purple heart hematoxylin best-selling five-pointed star market is flat

    Industry news
      There are many people seeking prices for purple core hematoxylin with a diameter of more than 80cm, and the market supply is tight. In terms of price, the current price of purple heart hematoxylin in the Guangdong market is 3700-3800 yuan/m3 for diameters of 50-60cm, and 5100-5200 yuan/m3 for diameters above 80cm.
         According to merchants, in recent times, due to the continuous decline in the domestic downstream market situation, the five-pointed star's shipments have also declined compared to before, mainly in small batches. In addition, according to merchants, from the end of last year to this year, the price of raw materials from the upstream source of Pentagram has been on the high side, leading to the high production cost of Pentagram and the continuous decline in profits. Under this circumstance, downstream businesses are more cautious in their business mentality and try to reduce the production of five-pointed stars. Prices remained stable. At present, the five-pointed star in the Guangdong market is 2.2-2.6m long, 5cm thick, and A-level priced at 3500-3900 yuan/cubic meter.
    (China Timber Network Editor: Huang Susu)
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