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  • Hainan huanghuali rose steadily

    Industry news
      Rare and precious redwoods such as Dalbergia odorifera (commonly known as Hainan Huanghuali) and sandalwood red sandalwood (commonly known as lobular red sandalwood) do not fall but rise. "The price of huanghuali has not risen very quickly in the past two years, but it has been rising, and is still rising. Although the current price of Pterocarpus chinensis has not risen, it has not fallen." The merchant said. Regarding the current phenomenon of some dealers taking the opportunity to stock up on timber, timber merchants believe that the stocks are now hoarding those good timbers, which are the top quality timber. This kind of wood is cut down and one tree is missing, and it will be difficult to reappear in the future, and those inferior materials, no matter how cheap, are not hoarded. "Mahogany furniture such as Huanghuali and Xiaoye Zitan are already works of art, and their artistic value has surpassed the value of mahogany itself, and the future appreciation space is also the greatest." Experts said.
      (Editor in charge of China Timber Network: Cloud King)
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