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  • China's timber and wood products increase domestic sales

    Industry news
      According to the Flooring Professional Committee of China Timber and Wood Products Circulation Association, although only 169 companies were listed in the "dual anti-dumping" investigation, due to issues related to customs regulations, the number of floor companies that may be involved in the end is far more than this number. According to rough estimates, it may eventually affect the market of up to 10 billion US dollars.
      Jiusheng Flooring Lilihua's point of view: Affected by the overall market environment, the market environment in the first half of the year was not very good, and the second half may be worse than the first half. Li Lihua revealed that for the second half of the year, Jiusheng Flooring conducted a market survey in June, and the results showed that the overall trend was not good. "This year's market will be cold."
      The floor industry was the fiercest in the original "price war". In order to sell and survive, especially small and medium enterprises, they can only fight for prices without much visibility. However, in the first half of this year, the flooring industry was uncharacteristically, and it was common for flooring not to be promoted. What are the reasons why the floor is not on sale? Li Lihua believes that frequent promotions can be effective at the beginning, but in today's cold market environment, investment and return are not proportional.
      Industry experts believe that if exports are blocked, the flooring manufacturers involved in the case will defuse the risk by increasing domestic sales, which is bound to have a huge impact on the domestic market, and competition in the flooring industry will further intensify. In the long run, forming a group of large-scale flooring enterprises with core competitiveness is the prerequisite and foundation for Chinese flooring enterprises to participate in international competition.
      (China Timber Network Editor: Huang Junfeng)
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